District Easements

Easements are an interest in land, whereby a third party (e.g., the District) has the right of some identified use over the property owned by another. An example would be a drainage easement. A homeowner may own their lot, but the District may own a “drainage easement” that allows water to flow from the District’s road over a portion of the homeowner’s property ( swale) to the District’s stormwater pond. Another example would be an access or maintenance easement that allows the District to mow and maintain pond banks- where the lot lines may come up to or into the pond. The holder of an easement can only utilize the easement for the limited purpose of the easement, but at the same time -the underlying property owner can not impede the utilization of the easement by the easement holder. A typical impediment that cannot be generally placed within an easement is a fence or other structure that blocks the use of the easement. Prior to the Residents taking control of the District, the developer may have incorrectly installed or allowed certain installations within District’s Easements. To make sure the infrastructure and functions within the community can be properly operated and maintained, it is the position of the Board of Supervisors for the District that the District’s Easements will remain free of any installations that may impede the use of the District’s Easements.

If a Resident needs temporary access to use the easement, please fill out the Temporary Construction Access Agreement. Please sign and return to the Clubhouse Manager Angela Savinon. Her email is Asavinon@rizzetta.com and her office number is 813-991-6102.

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